Who is Drew McAdam?

Mentalist /’men-ta-list/ noun. Someone skilled in non-verbal communication, who uses mental acuity, observation and suggestion. A master manipulator of thoughts and behaviour.

Drew McAdam, “Scotland’s foremost mind reader” according to the BBC, has entertained and baffled representatives from almost every major commercial company you can think of. He has also demonstrated his mind-boggling demonstrations everywhere from the US to Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Sicily, and across Europe to Africa.

Buzz Aldrin, Barry Crier OBE, Rory Bremner, Chris Tarrant, Alice Cooper, Uri Geller, Kenneth Kaunda, Tina Turner, top athletes, sports personalities, Radio and TV stars, top politicians and members of royalty – to name just a few – have been left open-mouthed in astonishment at his remarkable demonstrations.

His flexibility enables Drew to entertain in a variety of forms and manners, from intimate groups to hospitality functions and after dinner events, and from trade show stands to full theatre shows – and everything in between.

Should your requirement be for a performer and a performing style that is uniquely practical and practically unique, then your choice has to be Drew McAdam.

Drew on YouTube

Check out Drew’s page on You Tube to see examples of his work…

TV and Radio

Scotland’s foremost mindreader Drew McAdam has numerous TV and radio credits to his name, including a hilarious special guest appearance on “Ready Steady Cook” where he not only read Ainslie Harriotts mind but bent all the spoons. Drew is also the subject of the recent BBC series “School For Genius”. He was presenter and performer in the BBC “Brain Smart” project, and has a regular spot as The Interrogator on the UK’s most popular daytime talk show ”The Trisha Goddard Show.”. A regular guest on STV’s “The Hour” he is also a contributor on BBC Scotland Radio talk shows.  He regularly appears in newspaper and magazine articles and most recently his skills have been called upon by the National Geographic Channel and BBC Radio 4.