Drew McAdam has performed in numerous countries around the world, from Africa to Spain, from Russia and The Caribbean to the US – and quite a few points in between.

In addition, his corporate show has been performed for almost every industry you can think of. Insurance, Banks and Oil companies. Small companies and multi-nationals.

Among his fans and admirers are luminaries such as Barry Cryer OBE, Buzz Aldrin, Uri Geller, Trisha Goddard, Chris Tarrant and Rory Bremner.

Drew McAdam’s Performance…

AFTER DINNER ASTONISHMENT – MORE THAN JUST A “SPEAKER”: With his history (military intelligence, fire service and journalist) McAdam has a wide experience of life. Add to this his remarkable mind reading ability and you have a speaker unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

WALK-AROUND AND TABLE-HOPPING: McAdam will approach individuals and small groups and perform demonstrations that include having participants think of a word, a number or a name that has some significance to them – then revealing it. He also engages in tests that involve bending stainless steel cutlery without the application of force.

CORPORATE HOSPITALITY: An ideal ice-breaker for corporate events – large or small – such as product launches.

TRADE SHOW STANDS: McAdam is a superb “traffic stopper” at trade shows. His function is to draw attention to the client’s product or service, and attract passing potential customers onto the stand. He is fully aware that he is not there merely to entertain, but as an integral part of the marketing team. Delegates can even play: “Challenge the Mind Reader.” Always a sure-fire hit.

PRIVATE PARTIES: Great entertainment in an intimate setting. Participants are involved in every level of the tests, demonstrations and experiments. They experience all the mind-boggling demonstrations up-close and personal. It’s pure entertainment with a sharp edge of amazement and astonishment that will have your guests talking about the whole experience long after the event.

STAGE SHOW: McAdam demonstrates the quickness of his mind with memory and mathematical tests. He invites audience members to the stage to assist him in a variety of demonstrations that include stopping his pulse, using body language to determine which participant is telling an untruth, and demonstrating his ability to subliminally suggest thoughts and images to another person. Typically, he will also duplicate a drawing which an audience member has made in secret. This is a show which has drawn 5-star reviews.

BUSINESS TRAINING: Drew explores the potential of what is possible – and what is impossible, with a remarkable training presentation. He demonstrates how the mind works, how the mind can be improved, and the importance of accurately “labelling” your perceptions. Ideal for those involved with sales and negotiation.