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"Scotland's Master Mindreader" THE HOUR. Scottish Television

39 Down. Scottish Television Mind Reader. (5 letters.) Drew ----


You're a very, very scary man.

Bafflingly Brilliant FIVE STARS *****
The Scotsman

An amazing evening. What entertainment, notwithstanding now having seen him on three occasions! Cannot recommend too highly!  B. Smith. CEO, AGEAS (UK) Ltd

Drew was great. He stayed for ages after making sure all guests that wanted to see some more close up work got the opportunity. I don't think our guests knew what to expect (they're so use to a comedian!!). It was testament to how great Drew was when guests were still trying to work out how he done some of his "demonstrations" the morning after. Not sure how we'll follow him for next year, so we might have to be back in touch... KD Conference & Policy Administrator

Mind Master McAdam
Sunday Mail

Guru Drew
The Herald

Just wanted to say thank you for a fabulous performance. You had them in the palm of your hand. Hope our paths cross sometime in the future. You were top notch. JPC Mutual Life Insurance Company, New York

Drew was pure magic. I've been flooded with emails saying the best after dinner experience people have had PHIL HAYES , (Insurance Institute)

Lovely to have you back on the programme.... We know we're always in for a real treat when you are here." MICHELLE McMANUS. "The Hour" Television Show 

Drew was an absolute pleasure to work with, such a lovely man and his act went down a storm.

Insurance Corporation of the Channel Islands Limited 

Drew was excellent on the night. Our guests absolutely loved his show and really appreciated him staying on afterwards to speak to them. It really made the night something special.

T. GREEN (Insurance Industry) 

An enthralling performance; capturing the audience from the start, keeping us all on the edge of our seats. How does he do what he does? Is it magic? Is it trickery? Or is he just pure genius?! Drew delivered ... and then some, captivating our audience - I have been inundated with positive comments for securing such an innovative act - I strongly recommend Drew for your after-dinner entertainment - book him now ... he probably already knows you are going to call!
P.H. (Insurance Institute)

I was lucky enough to work with Drew at an event this June. I've worked with a number of after dinner speakers and entertainers at events, and Drew was by far one of the easiest people I've worked with. He's professional, entertaining and, most importantly, a really nice guy. I hope our paths cross again." James Belton: Linkedin 

Drew went down a storm with the audience. Everyone is still trying to work out how he managed to do the tricks he did. He was interactive with the audience and had them all captivated, I would definitely book Drew again for future events and recommend him to colleagues.
JR. Standard Life

Let’s be clear, I am jealous of Drew McAdam in many ways. I’d love to have 1% of his knowledge and ability. The dedication, aptitude, bravery and intelligence the man’s probably demonstrated in his career eclipses me on all fronts. Top Blogger: STEVE CHARNOCK 

Drew was an outstanding success. I have been deluged with compliments about him. He was excellent value and enriched tremendously what was already a good evening. Peter. BHSF

…About the MindBiz seminar: I love seeing people like you with real communication skills, and I felt quite excited as I drove home. I frequently use Stephen Covey’s material in my work, especially the See Do Get model of perception... Your model is better! ROBIN SINCLAIR

Drew McAdam has been messing with heads for years... An Evening of Mindplay will not only leave his audience baffled, but inspired. THE SKINNY 

He makes no secret of his skills, going so far as to demonstrate how creative imagery and storytelling can resemble almost supernatural mental powers. But drawing our attention to how our own minds have tricked us doesn’t make it any less fantastic.


Our good friend Drew McAdam will be performing his "Mindplay" show at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre. The Chillis are huge fans of Drew and look forward to seeing him perform this marvelous show"


Drew McAdam was amazing. I have never seen an audience so stunned to silence…..and these were cynical 'seen-it-all-before' insurance people. The effect that Drew's performance had on them was absolutely astounding.

His stage show leaves audiences stunned. Spend a couple of hours in his company and the biggest sceptic could be tempted to believe he has psychic powers, an idea which Drew dismisses with great amusement. DAILY RECORD 

"Drew is an exceptional person - so intense and yet so human. You will not forget the experience in a hurry!"
Henrietta Forman. The Finola Trust 

Drew left me speechless. What he did was remarkable.

Drew McAdam is one of the greatest mentalists I have ever seen, ASTONISING! UNIQUE! MESMERISING!

Just found @drewmcadam on here! Without doubt the most fabulous and most frightening mind control talent in the Universe. AN EXCITED TWITTER TWEETER 

Thank you very much for your 'work' (!). We really enjoyed your after dinner entertainment, and particularly appreciate the way that you gave up your time to talk with us some more after the meal. I'm afraid you've left a lot of baffled and confused people in your wake!

Friday was an amazing evening ..... Drew was sensational ... My guests are still trying to work out "how did he do that?!" Please pass on my personal thanks to Drew ... He made a big impression with the audience on the night ... And also entertained my top table guests. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him again.D.W. President of the Southampton Insurance Institute 

The group are always so pleased to have him and I was very impressed with what he is able to do, as was everyone else! Please pass my thanks onto him and thanks once again. LM J.P. Morgan 

With well-trained skill, he can control and influence the decisions and choices of an individual. Drew is a performance artist with a contemporary approach always involving the audience allowing them to be stimulated by his bewitching charm. CENT MAGAZINE

Drew, you're a dragon!

Just to thank you once again for sending us Drew he was fabulous. Everyone was captivated with his act and he is such a nice man and really helpful. I would definitely use him again and recommend him to others.

I would like to thank you so very much for helping to make our 25 Year Club Dinner, yesterday evening, a great success. I cannot thank you enough for allowing us the opportunity to be entertained by Drew McAdam who was absolutely fantastic - everything you said he would be and more. We were all completely mesmerised. Everyone enjoyed the evening thoroughly. The office is buzzing today with talk of his performance last night - everyone throughout the Company is now aware of who Drew McAdam is and what he does!! GS. Johnson and Johnson Medical Ltd.

I really want to thank you. That was a great thing you did.

I'm still bewitched, bothered and bewildered by our meeting.
Ron McManus, Weekly News journalist

Our guests all left with very much the 'Wow Factor' after his Act.The night was a huge success and Drew exceeded expectations and is a true professional in his field. Josephine W

Drew has a great stage presence and is a fantastic performer. It is a pleasure to have met him. David Lees

We had Drew out last night. The feedback from the client was excellent and in fact the word used was 'superb'.
Noel, Renewable Energy Conference

Drew did very well. He was truly professional, had the patience of a saint.
John Redshaw. Series Editor - "Trisha Goddard" Channel 5 TV

Thanks for the words!

Please pass on my thanks to Drew again, who was great, as usual, this weekend. He went down really well and sent folk away completely amazed and baffled.
M.F. Freshwater Scotland

...One of the most fascinating acts I have ever seen in a very long lifetime. It is absolutely mind-bending!
LEN (SILVER FOX) MURRAY ("The most respected lawyer of his generation")

Drew was a fabulous hit during the night, you could see where he had been with the trail of bent or broken spoons lying around.
Lamborghini Edinburgh

One of these days you'll be famous... but only if you don't end up in prison first!
DAVID AMOS: M.D. Timos Systems

We all had such fun… No-one had a clue what to expect, and within minutes you had us all enthralled. Thank you so much.
W.R.I Harburn

I don't care what you say about not being psychic... This is the real deal.
GORDON GILTRAP (Ace guitarist)

The only thing I can say is words fail me! Not often someone like me is speechless but it has happened! Drew was amazing… He was everything you said he was and more… every one of them was astounded and amazed by Drew. Not only was he good with his talent but he is also a lovely guy… Drew made this the best event ever!!!

Do yourself a favour - lock up your cutlery, switch off the television and go see someone with some real talent - Drew McAdam. The man ain't right!
STEVE HARLEY (Cockney Rebel)

…Lindsay the producer saying thanks and praising you "I thought he was terrific on air – quite a talent.

Mind boggling
AINSLIE HARRIET (following a guest performance on Ready Steady Cook in which he won by the biggest majority ever recorded. The newspapers claimed that he had somehow manipulated and influenced the entire audience. An accusation which Drew strenuously denies!)


You came highly recommended..., and I can say they got it 100% right. Our guests have come to expect top quality speakers and entertainers and none had cause for disappointment with your superbly delivered performance into which you obviously put a great deal of thought and preparation.
RB Farquhar Holdings Ltd.


You have to hire this guy at some point soon, Drew is amazing.
...3 years after your first visit, people still talk about you with awe and much affection.
Brokers' Monthly

Another absolutely fabulous and hugely successful multi-dimensional experience! Brilliantly executed and performed with genuine modesty and humanity. Your audience loved you and I am personally so very grateful to you for doing so much to continue to entertain our guests to the early hours. You are ‘the very best’…
A.C Stand and Deliver.


WOW! A well paced show it was too. Drew has a very endearing manner and his act was very light and easy going. Such a contrast to his demonstrations which were all very strong and just kept on getting better as the show progressed. Drew displayed a great stage presence and had good audience management. His professionalism shone from the moment he appeared on stage. As I left the theatre the foyer was buzzing with post-performance chatter.

What a fantastic show on Friday, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I remember sitting with you in a cafe a few years back and you were telling me all sorts of things about myself. It was intriguing then and even more impressive to see it on stage, now.

You did really well I don't know how you managed to keep going all that time. Thank you for the tickets that was good of you although I would have bought them anyway. I did not hear any adverse comments, it was all how much they enjoyed it, an excellent show, etc. (I was listening to all the comments round about!).
Iris McAdam (Drew’s mother)

… everyone was in total agreement that it was up there as one of the best evenings they have had when attending an event like this. Drew made it personal in what was an intimate setting and chatted to people before and after the show which they all enjoyed. G.H.

My sister in law (A nurse) is still troubled by the fact that Drew could stop his pulse. I have only had the odd report back of damaged cutlery. I know that if Drew is doing any shows in the future all of those people who attended that night will highly recommend him as a 'must see'.

…He was a legend and everyone loved him. He was really good and even stayed around until the end of the night to mingle with guests.
K.W. Event Manager Corporate Events AEGON

I have to say that the feedback relating specifically to Drew has been fantastic, with everyone saying how much they had enjoyed his performance… the overall feedback has been extremely positive. T.K.

He completely blew them away… To sum it up, Drew is a true master of his art and profession and an absolute gentleman in all senses of the word. He would be welcome back to AMS any time he wants!
Gordon J

… to thank you for a brilliant night. We've been inundated with texts/e-mails of praise! It was a great night and thank you once again.

G. Bruntonside

Enjoy the spoon-bending mind-reading talents of TV personality Drew McAdam.
The List

Just how Drew can forecast what complete strangers have drawn, written or even think is beyond me. Mind-boggling stuff.
H & P

… a massive thank you for last night! Everyone has been talking about having a great time so thank you for making it such a success! The theories of ‘how you do it’ have been flying round the office today. We will defiantly see you again at our next event. We are hoping to do something on a larger scale next time so will keep you posted.

That was superb - really impressive.
VIV LUMSDEN, TV presenter

I was literally left speechless.

Absolutely amazing.
EDDIE ANDERSON: Editor, West Lothian News

Some people have got it... And you definitely have it.

Please stop... you're really scaring us now.
SHONA AND LINDA: Good News & Bad Jokes

Thanks for your incredible demonstration. The staff here are still talking about what they experienced.
SAM McKAY: MD Elite Control Systems.

I was happier when I was still a sceptic!
STEWART NESS: Manager Club Earth

I've watched you for eight minutes. I have eight years worth of questions.

That is the most incredible thing I've ever experienced. I still have goosebumps thinking about it.
JO ENYORI: Channel 5 Television

There's more to this man than meets the eye. Should you dare to look into his, on your own head be it.

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